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How To Renovate Bathroom? It Is Not a Secret

  • How to renovate bathroom, it is not a secret any more. I grabbed  some ideas in this post.  You will find out the best one for your home.

    1. How to renovate bathroom? – Cement bathroom renovation

    In the impetuous hustle and bustle of the moment, the heart will be lost in the reinforced concrete forest. Zen is a life attitude and spiritual experience. Let us through materialism, wash away the soul, return to the most natural of the true.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    how to renovate bathroom

    Bath area with full open design. Cement rock and white walls to make space tend to natural. Round sunroof can see the blue sky. Natural marble a little carved into a punt. Bathroom in every bathrobe, every towel are deeply proof of the spirit of Zen.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    The long box is separated from the middle by the washstand, the side is the shower area and the toilet, the other side is the bathtub. Cement rock plate, self-leveling ground and white walls, is the most simple base of this space, there is no colorful lay out, naturally is the most real color.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    The design of the entire rectangular bathroom broke through the traditional concept of the door. The left side of the washbasin is two half walls full of white tiles, half-walled shower area and toilet area facing each other. Glass partition faintly separated by two spaces, will not cause a sense of congestion in the visual.

    The design of the washbasin continues the style of the wall, and the hand-polished cement rock plate exudes rustic beauty. Glowing slightly bright counter-tops have not been crafted, with stainless steel handle and white cabinet door exquisite contrast to bring out Zen do not pretentious.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    Natural cement rock board with a wooden material of the bathroom accessories, which is the most harmonious combination of Zen.

    Into the wall design simple and neat, and echo the overall design style.

    2.How to renovate bathroom? – Fashion bathroom renovation

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    how to renovate bathroom

    A person’s bathroom may not need a lot of space, but functional and fashionable design is essential. Busy day of life, comfortable to take a hot bath, wash away a tired is the most pleasant thing.

    Cyan and white collocation revealed the breath of spring recovery, in the bathtub above a window, the sun warm sprinkled on the body, a man singing a song, singing out of the window to accompany their charming scenery. Single bathroom should not have any lonely.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    Large pieces of tile collage with a mysterious atmosphere, burning candlestick to give the room blurred a little drunk. The reflection of the light in the mirror hidden, floating cabinet like being applied to the magic. Drink a champagne, forget where you are, heaven or hell? It does not matter! Anyway, single bathroom is so amazing.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    A large area of choice of wood material, people like into the forest in general, natural sense of visual and comfortable environment, it is easy to enter the relaxed state. After the waterproof processing of the wood material, will not make wood because of soaking and moldy rot. The overall storage design, not only save space also let the bathroom clean and tidy.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    When the bath around the hardware and taste, all the needs of the bath can be tentacles timely; when the hot water and color equipment, a black and white with the ordinary bathroom has become a set of entertainment and relaxation as one of the exclusive space. Single bathroom is full of wanton indulgence of the soul.

    How To Renovate Bathroom

    Into the wall of the pipe so that the bathroom easy to clean and tidy, floating design so full of bathroom fashion. Mirror on the painting full of personality, humorous and interesting people can not help laughing, metal faucet people reminiscent of the industrial age. Single bathroom on the infinite highlight of self personality.

    How To Renovate Bathroom
    Customize a bathtub that fits your body size and customize a chandelier with light. And then to the most comfortable posture to lie in, under the comfortable light to see a favorite book, tired when the eyes closed into the water into a fish do not think about it. Single bathroom, love is so comfortable and comfortable.

    A person’s bathroom may not need a lot of space, but functional and fashionable design is essential. Busy day of life, comfortable to take a hot bath, wash away a tired is the most pleasant thing.

    3.How to renovate bathroom? – Small size bathroom renovation

    Small size bathroom area is small, many people because the bathroom area is small, and ignore its design, and finally small household bathroom becomes more crowded, follow me to introduce the small size of the bathroom design decoration renderings.

    How to renovate bathroom

    how to renovate bathroom

    The tiles are decorated with walls and floors full of three-dimensional, and the bumps are more slippery and landscaping than the smooth walls and floors. Wooden hand washing machine generous rustic, with a metal feel of the hanging rod, hook and faucet.

    Mirror storage cabinets can be used as a mirror for the bathroom can be provided for admission, do both. Sky blue plaid tiles decorated bathroom full of Mediterranean style, people feel more comfortable.

    The use of gradient division of the bathroom and bathroom, shower and then use the glass wall for partition, dry and wet partition to make bathroom space cleaner and clean. The shower room has two kinds of shower and head style shower head.

    Noble retro bathroom, simple texture of the bathroom, different styles can not only easily achieve wet and dry partition, but also brought the visual impact, so that bathroom unique charm.

    The bathroom space is no obvious partition, open layout coupled with color style unified tiles decoration, bathroom is very harmonious, spacious and clean. The glass washbasin is also full of texture.

    Green tiled background shower room, white background sink and toilet, dividing line with marble tiles and plastic shower curtain to make it prominent, the use of color and cascade dry and wet partition, visually more obvious and more beautiful.

    Shower and bath in one, coupled with a single open glass door for partition, played a wet and wet partition role; different tiles of the use of the visual play a partition role.

    With a shower curtain cut dry and wet areas, not only low cost and beautiful, can be a good active atmosphere. Color stripes carpet water non-slip, its color and lines feel bright bathroom space.

    With matte glass sliding door partition toilet and bathtub, effectively protect the privacy of the bathroom. Two square storage cabinets and the sink connected to a U-type storage space, dark red glossy design is very stylish texture, enhance the vitality of the bathroom and style.

    Creative walk-in bathtub for the small bathroom is a good choice, close to the wall set to save space, high bathtub outside the security is stable and effective to prevent water spill, the internal also added seat platform, very intimate. The tile backdrop is full of texture and creates a comfortable bathing space.

    Wooden ceiling, mirror back wall and floor connected to become a full texture of the U-shaped space, corner of the arc design to make the space look soft and full of dynamic. Suspended marble handstand is very light.

    Read the above bathroom design renovation renderings, you are not satisfied with your bathroom? Want to have this multi-functional bathroom? Hurry to learn about it.

    Renovate Bathroom Tips: How to remove the bathroom odor

    1.charcoal bag

    renovate bathroom tips

    Placed in the bathroom some of the more adsorbable objects, and used to absorb the smell of the bathroom. The preferred alternative to activated carbon. You can hang some small pieces of activated carbon. You can also hang some carbon package.

    2. Plants

    This is a natural way to place fresh green plants in the bathroom, such as Chlorophytum, aloe vera, cactus, etc. The use of green plants to remove the smell, the effect is not so fast, but long put on the human health is very good.

    3. Open the window, make the air flow

    This one is the most simple, and the most important thing is to pay attention to the daily life of the window ventilation. Please be sure to let the air inside the bathroom, otherwise nothing is useful.

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