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2017 Top Stylish Living Room Decorating

  • Many persons have started to redecorate rooms in the new season. The most important room I believe is living room. Either the friends visit you or the family time is not able to forget the living room. So the questions are what the top stylish living room decorating in 2017 and how to have a new view? I am happy here to recommend some ideas and tips for you.

    Top Stylish Living Room Decorating – Sofa

    Top Stylish Living Room Decorating

    The most match and the most popular in fashion definitely is white sofa. Elegant white can hold a variety of styles. The white is clean and tidy in general and a top level feeling. Of course, white will not be out of fashion and tedious. If you are from a Chinese family , you may wish to choose solid wood sofa. The color is not only classic but also showing your culture taste and feeling. Some of European vintage classic sofas are also suitable for large living room. If you like a heavy color sofa, you may have a different taste in the living room. ( It is all about your feeling at first)

    Acme 05858C Conrad Adjustable Sofa, White Polyurethane Finish
    Acme 15095B Diamond Bonded Leather Sofa with Wood Leg, White

    Top Stylish Living Room Decorating – Background Wall

    The background wall should be a part in your plan when decorating the living room. It seems like not working properly. But in “beauty is value” generation, our background wall must be beautiful, isn’t it? If you get a very nice wall background, you will pride yourself when a guest visit you. Also, you could enjoy yourself 🙂

    Top Stylish Living Room Decorating

    The background wall design is a big lesson. First, it must match the whole living room. Therefore, this doesn’t seem to be unexpected. If you have a large living room, what I recommend is the simple and stylish design. Simple is important than stylish. So that, it will highlight the “large”.

    DAN 3D Brick Wall Sticker Waterproof Soft Foam Panel

    for TV Walls Sofa Background Wall Decor Self-adhesive PE Wallpaper 27 × 12 Inch

    10m Thickening White Brick Wallpaper

    for Walls Rustic Tv Background


    Top Stylish Living Room Decorating – TV

    TV is the most essential item in living room. In large living room, TV is not only for watching purpose, but also you could play some sport games or other activities. That would  be a nice family time.

    I would recommend VIZIO TV. It’s stylish design and fairly price that can be affordable.

    VIZIO LED Smart TV

    So new season is coming, why not give your home a change to be more stylish and comfortable?

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