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How To Decorate A Living Room – Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Most people enjoy decorating their living room with all the ideas and plans in their mind, but they always tend to make common mistakes over and over again yet never know what are the causes. Here I will share some tips on how to decorate a living room avoiding some of the common mistakes.

    Instead of quality, people go for quantity, this is a common mistake we often made. Just because the accessories are very cheap doesn’t mean we have to buy a lot of them to accessorize our living room. We will end up purchasing something needless and don’t add a contribution to our decoration, even made our room cluttered which in turns offer nothing but annoyance, in short, we are wasting our money for something don’t worth. It doesn’t mean that we can purchase moderate to very expensive furniture because it looks beautiful, we still have to take theme matching into consideration when picking a nice furniture. I won’t take the risk to purchase a piece of furniture that won’t match with my living room theme. It’s a waste of money. Think wisely before you purchase anything.

    Cluttered and messy furniture arrangement, this is another big common mistake we often made. I remembered my first office room furniture arrangement consumed too much spaces and the whole room was very cluttered and messy, there is not much spaces for walkway. After some rearrangement, my furniture were arranged in much more organized way, there is even a big spaces for walkway and the whole room looks bigger although it was just a 200 ft room. Try to arrange your furniture in a more organized way as this not only make your living room clean and tidy, it also creates a harmony and comfortable environment.

    Non-matching style or theme, either directly or indirectly, well planned or go without any plan, we often purchased a furniture we like much but it never matches with our theme. Maybe the price is reasonable and the furniture style is one of the best, but keep in mind that, furniture that don’t match our theme from the beginning will always be not matching until we switch our theme or style that matches with it. Once we decided to go for our style, stick to it and never get tempted to other furniture style especially the latest trend. They will be the past very soon so never follow the trend as it is not practical at all.

    Created two or more competing focal point, another common mistake. Lets say We have a big beautiful canvas wall art on the wall, then we have another big plasma TV on the other side, and maybe there is a beautiful grand piano on the other side again, these 3 decor are actually competing with each other in terms of focal point because they are very attractive. We only want to create one focal point in our living room, so choose either one to become our living room focal point, depends on situation, we may or may not combine either 2 or 3 together to become a very strong focal point.

    These are some of the common mistakes that we should avoid when we want to decorate a living room. By avoiding these common mistakes, it would ride us off the hassles when we are going to decorate a living room thus making the process much more simple. How to decorate a living room without hassles is as simple as avoiding common mistakes.

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